Hello. Thank you for visiting my site and portfolio. I am originally from Kiev, Ukraine. I live in Staten Island, New York, and have been interested in photography since I was very young. My wife got me my first DSLR for my birthday. That is when I dove into the modern world of digital photography. The process of creating an image is very important to me. I feel that the blank canvas of a photograph is actually always black. It's darkness until something is painted on it with light. The moment of that creation is complemented by the sound of the shutter. That sound represent the exact moment of creation. That sound is the shutter whisper. 

I am not sure what my style is. You be the judge. I try to be creative, as much as I can. Sometimes I create an interpretation of something that I have seen. Sometimes I just break all the rules and see what happens. I know that I'll never stop learning, and photography will always be a never ending journey for me. 

My work has been published in USA TODAY, Staten Island Advance, and other publications.

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