Art begins with a whisper

The idea behind the name of this site/blog came to me while hitting with possible domain ideas and getting rejections 9 out of 10 times. After a personal brain storm of ideas which included variations with photography slang and camera body parts I had to stop and approach this task as if I was approaching a photography project. Where does the process of the photograph begin? Sure it begins with feelings, desire, gear, planning, people, connections and many many more things that intertwine to create the final print of art. However, technically it begins when you press the shutter button. To me, it is the signature of the tool that you hold in your hands. Digital or mechanical, mirror less or with a reflection, the sound that your camera makes when it captures your vision is shutter whisper. Of course it also helped a lot that the domain name was available, so I grabbed it.

I have never done a blog before and you can head over to the "about" so that I can formally introduce myself to you. The vision of this project is to learn and explore the world of photography through my experiences and I am really hoping that in time this is going to become a docking station for photographers who are willing to share their visions in order for us to dig deeper into the creative abyss.  


To get things started here is my most popular image according to the communities of Red Bubble500px and Fine Art America. I call it:

a saucerful of secrets