Eric's Bar Mitzvah

A few days ago I had the pleasure of covering an important event in a young man's life. Reaching the age of Bar Mitzvah signifies that a person who was once a boy, is now ready to take on the world as a man. It was a great party. Eric has a lot of great friends and family that came out to celebrate with him. His passion for hockey was displayed all throughout the room along with a cardboard cut out of Eric in full hockey gear. 

I tried my best to capture Eric's personality and create a great memory for him. With his Mother and Sister by his side he gracefully took the lead into showing his guests a great time.

The party was about to jump off.
There was not questions about who was "The Man" that day.

Wisdom passed on....

Trying to fit everyone into the frame

If you fall, it's good to have a friend to break your fall. 

Official part of the party. The lighting of the 13 candles.
Make a wish...or a few!

"Thank you Mom, for everything that you do for me"

Baku Palace in Brooklyn has some great decorations.

Slowing down the shutter speed and firing a fast flash while moving the camera can have some interesting results if you have some fun light sources around the subject.


....and no so Fancy

Nice to share a Coke with a friend.
Nice to share a Coke with a friend.

checking up on FB status. 

A DJ at his own party.

The Man

Mazel Tov Eric

This was a great event for me to experience what I can do on my own. Armed with a hot shoe flash and a 2nd body with a 50mm f1.4 I was able to capture a lot more than I would if I only had one camera body with me. Of course the light was a bit tricky at times, but I learned a lot during this shoot. I wish Eric and his friends all the best.

PS. Who Knows? Maybe I'll shoot his wedding some day...:)